Welcome to Sensorium

Welcome to Sensorium

Sensorium – Aesthetic Media AnArchaeology is an interdisciplinary Nordic network for researchers and artists working in the area where aesthetics, technology and materiality collide.

These pages contain information about the members of the Sensorium network, the annual journal devoted to the research of the Sensorium network and a research blog written by the founders of the network from the research unit LMI.

Sensorium is a network looking for new perspectives within the entangled histories of literature, media and art. We aspire to draw attention to forgotten practices and show how they are at work in our contemporary configuration. We want to show how contemporary aesthetic practices and media technologies are in a continued interaction with other historical discourses, and conjoin art and media forms of the past that have hitherto been separated by a historiography limited by disciplinary boundaries.

The research taking place in this collision field is interdisciplinary at its core, and this raises the need for a forum that exists beyond the institutional borders of the separate disciplines and is able to gather the diverse scholarly practices of the field. In Scandinavia such a network has been missing, but with Sensorium we intend to develop a space where doctoral students and other scholars within this vital and growing field can meet to exchange ideas and develop collaborations. The network is inclusive in its character. Experimental practices and alternative takes on historiography are indispensable for the development of this field of research.





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