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  • Visual summary of Det oförklarligas medieekologier

    Visual summary of Det oförklarligas medieekologier

    LMI, together with Norrköping konstmuseum and Linda Hilfling Ritasdatter, held a symposium on media ecologies of the unexplained Thursdag September 14, 2017. Below you’ll find a visual summary of the afternoon.                  

  • Editorial: Sensorium Journal 2

    Editorial: Sensorium Journal 2

    ”Since Sputnik, the planet has become a global theatre under the proscenium arch of man-made satellites. Our psyches acquire thereby a totally new rim-spin.” (Marshall McLuhan, Culture is our business, 1970) With these words by Marshall McLuhan, you are hereby welcomed to the second issue of Sensorium Journal. This issue includes papers from the Geomedia…

  • Vad är mediearkeologi? En enkät.

    Vad är mediearkeologi? En enkät.

    THOMAS GÖTSELIUS JOHN BRUMO SOLVEIG DAUGAARD JAKOB LIEN JOHAN FREDRIKZON SØREN POLD RAGNILD LOME JESPER OLSSON KNUT OVE ELIASSEN PELLE SNICKARS JACEK SMOLICKI   THOMAS GÖTSELIUS Institutionen för kultur och estetik, Stockholms universitet To the top 1. Vad är ”mediearkeologi” enligt din åsikt? Är det en teori, en metod eller något tredje? (Hur förhåller sig…

  • Editorial: Sensorium Journal 1

    Editorial: Sensorium Journal 1

    This is the first issue of Sensorium Journal. Sensorium Journal is an academic publication, a platform for research and artistic practices that are sensitive to materiality, aesthetics and media technology. Sensorium Journal is collaborative, inclusive and open in its form. Thus, it is academically ambitious but not peer-reviewed, and it is a part of Sensorium,…

  • A conference is a conference

    A conference is a conference

    A visual summary of the kick-off conference A medium is a medium is a medium at the Datamuseum in Linköping.