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  • Why Gilbert Simondon?

    Why Gilbert Simondon?

    This is the editorial to the Sensorium Journal-issue on Gilbert Simondon (vol. 3, 2021). It started with curiosity: The name of the French philosopher seemed to pop up here and there, while we were working on dissertations and postdoc-projects. Not just, as we already knew, in the works of the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze, Bernard […]

  • Colonial ecologies

    Colonial ecologies

    29th of January, 2020: Ph.D student at the research school of Language and Culture at Linköping University, Lene Asp, held a higher seminar in Linköping, on her project on Colonial Ecologies, with the title “Resounding the colonial archive with impressions from a field trip to Ghana”. Asp is retracing and documenting the Danish slave route, […]

  • Workshop: Medieekologi

    Workshop: Medieekologi

    Sensorium arrangerer en workshop for doktorander og ferske forskere i Norden som jobber med begrepet ”medieøkologi/medieekologi” i sin forskning. Workshopen passer for doktorander og forskere fra medievitenskap, litteraturvitenskap, kunstvitenskap/kunsthistorie, kunstakademiet/konstfack eller andre relevante fagfelt, og åpner opp for både teoretisk og metodologisk begrepsutvikling, i tillegg til presiseringer og konkretiseringer av den bredere diskusjonen om samtidens […]

  • General Ecology: Lectures and Conversation with N. Katherine Hayles & Erich Hörl

    General Ecology: Lectures and Conversation with N. Katherine Hayles & Erich Hörl

    Time: 22 maj, 13.00–16.00Place: KY31, Key-house, Campus Valla, LiU The Department of Culture and Communication is delighted to welcome to an afternoon symposium with N. Katherine Hayles, professor emerita at Duke University and Erich Hörl, professor in media culture at Leuphania University in Lüneburg, Germany. Following the symposium and seminar, a reception and post seminar will be held […]

  • Per Israelson: A Genre is an Ecosystem

    Per Israelson: A Genre is an Ecosystem

    Wednesday October 18 Sensorium-member and upcoming editor of Sensorium Journal, Per Israelson, visited Linköping to give a lecture on genres as an ecosystems. The lecture built on Israelson’s newly defended thesis, Ecologies of the Imagination: theorizing the participatory aesthetics of the fantastic (Stockholm University, 2017). Genre theory by among others Tzvetan Todorov was revised with […]