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  • Per Israelson: A Genre is an Ecosystem

    Per Israelson: A Genre is an Ecosystem

    Wednesday October 18 Sensorium-member and upcoming editor of Sensorium Journal, Per Israelson, visited Link√∂ping to give a lecture on genres as an ecosystems. The lecture built on Israelson’s newly defended thesis, Ecologies of the Imagination: theorizing the participatory aesthetics of the fantastic (Stockholm University, 2017). Genre theory by among others Tzvetan Todorov was revised with […]

  • Workshop on autopoiesis

    Workshop on Autopoiesis, February 16, 10-16 in Link√∂ping. Through the suggested readings and individual presentations (app. 10 minutes each), the aim of this workshop is to deepen our understanding of both the history, the significance and the critical potentials of the concept autopoiesis. Please write to sensorium@liu.se if you want to join, contribute or if […]