Symposium on Media Archaeology and the Humanities Lab at Linköpings university

May 28 LMI organized one of two symposium on Media Archaeology on the Computer museum in Linköping. Invited guests was Jussi Parikka from Winchester School of Art and Lori Emerson from University of Colorado, and the topic was the Humanities Media Lab: What is it good for?

If you want to know what we need Humanities Media Labs for in Linköping, join the next symposium September 17. Click here!



About Sensorium

Sensorium is an interdisciplinary Nordic network for young researchers and artists working in the area where aesthetics, technology and materiality collide. These pages contain information about the members of the Sensorium network, the annual journal devoted to the research of the Sensorium network and a research blog written by the founders of the network from the research unit LMI.

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