Matthew Fuller in Linköping

Matthew Fuller is coming to Linköping April 12! Matthew Fuller is the author of the forthcoming, ‘How to Sleep, in art, biology and culture’, (Bloomsbury).  Other titles include, include ‘Media Ecologies, materialist energies in art and technoculture’, (MIT) ‘Behind the Blip, essays on the culture of software’ and ‘Elephant & Castle’. (both Autonomedia) With Usman Haque, he is co-author of ‘Urban Versioning System v1.0’ (ALNY) and with Andrew Goffey, of ‘Evil Media’. (MIT)  Editor of ‘Software Studies, a lexicon’, (MIT) and co-editor of the journal Computational Culture, he is involved in a number of projects in art, media and software.  He is Professor of Cultural Studies and Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London.

The title of his lecture is “Back Sites and Transparency Layers”.

Transparency is extolled as a virtue, and one specifically crystallised in the way in which computer interfaces compose relations between users, data, and processes. This lecture sets out a brief genealogy of transparency in user interfaces and examines the way in which notions of transparency drawn from computational sources provide a means for a more general set of refrains in contemporary architecture, economics, politics, conflict and art. Coupled with the question of transparency is of course that of what is hidden from view or occluded. How the two states combine to texture contemporary life has a fundamentally computational dimension to it that this lecture will attempt to address.

Time: Tuesday April 12: 16–18

Place: Linköpings universitet, Campus Valla, Key-huset, KY21

Organizers: LMI, IKK & Posthumanties Hub, Tema Genus

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