General Ecology: Lectures and Conversation with N. Katherine Hayles & Erich Hörl

Time: 22 maj, 13.00–16.00
Place: KY31, Key-house, Campus Valla, LiU

The Department of Culture and Communication is delighted to welcome to an afternoon symposium with N. Katherine Hayles, professor emerita at Duke University and Erich Hörl, professor in media culture at Leuphania University in Lüneburg, Germany.

Following the symposium and seminar, a reception and post seminar will be held in the staff room, Key-house, at 18.00. To sign up, contact:

Organizers: The Department of Culture and Communication, LMI (Literature, Media history and Information cultures) and Seedbox at Linköping University.

After this, the Department of Culture and Communication invites to a higher seminar with associate professors at University of Copenhagen, Henriette Steiner & Kristin Veel, titled: ”A Tale of Two (and More) Towers”. Time: 16.30–18.00. Place: 4260, Key-house.

Abstract of Steiner and Veel’s higher seminar:

The gigantic is everywhere. It is not just in the physical imprint of the grand feats of Western industrial culture. It is also visible in current research and cultural discourse concerning Western society’s multiplying economic, climate, security and political crises, which increasingly involve the entire planet. Henriette Steiner’s and Kristin Veel’s forthcoming book with MIT Press is titled A Tale of Two Towers: Gigantism in Architectural and Digital Culture. In this book, they focus on two significant markers of gigantism today that raise sustainability concerns in relation to a range of material, resource-related and cultural issues: architectural gigantism (high-rise towers in cities) and digital gigantism (the all-pervasive digital infrastructures with which we are constantly connected). These two markers come together in the figure of the skyscraper with a transmitting antenna on its roof.





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