Colonial ecologies

29th of January, 2020: Ph.D student at the research school of Language and Culture at Linköping University, Lene Asp, held a higher seminar in Linköping, on her project on Colonial Ecologies, with the title “Resounding the colonial archive with impressions from a field trip to Ghana”.

Asp is retracing and documenting the Danish slave route, inspired by Danish author Thorkild Hansen’s book trilogy Coast of Slaves, Ships of Slaves and Islands of Slaves from the 1960s. As part of the academic discussion the project is incorporating sound, reading landscapes as material archives, thus both creating and documenting complex colonial media ecologies. Check out the emerging soundscape on Soundcloud, and read more about the project on the blog of The Seed Box.

About Sensorium

Sensorium is an interdisciplinary Nordic network for young researchers and artists working in the area where aesthetics, technology and materiality collide. These pages contain information about the members of the Sensorium network, the annual journal devoted to the research of the Sensorium network and a research blog written by the founders of the network from the research unit LMI.

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